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     Emeralds have long been some of the public’s most loved precious stones. Their charming hues of green and their clarity was often combined with the icy shimmers of diamonds to construct memorable pieces of red carpet jewellery or timeless elegance for the modern woman. It is also the case of the Emerald and Diamond Pendent Necklace, by Michelle Della Valle. The elaborate design of the jewel makes it one of the most interesting combinations of this kind from its price range.

     In spite of its pricy materials and the superb craftsmanship it displays, the Emerald and Diamond Pendent Necklace is not one of those jewels which a woman will never dream to afford. It is true that it tends to leap from the maximum budget we would usually allot to jewellery spending, but regarding its gorgeous looks and the very remarkable stones it shows off, together with a famous designer’s guarantee logo, it is not that expensive. The Emerald and Diamond Pendent Necklace could make you feel like the queen of the party for just 25,000 US Dollars, which is really not that scandalous when taking a look at the beautiful winding diamond branches of the delicate necklace.

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     Michelle Della Valle is a pretty young designer who started to design costume jewellery at only 16 years old. Since then he worked with Bulgari and sold the jewels he designed to stars from the acting scene and opera singers. He relocated to Geneva, at the heart of the luxury brands land, and he continued to gain acclaim for his fresh and stylish designs. The delicate jewels he conceives bring an air of independence and have a unique way of taking the viewer by surprise.

     If more traditional houses tend to place a huge accent on the value of the stones they sell, making the whole jewellery selling process a process which is rather intended to underline social status than the fun of wearing something you truly love, Michele Della Valle knows exactly how to make things fun and classy at the same time.

     The Emerald and Diamond Pendent Necklace displays numerous pear-shaped and oval shaped emeralds, resembling to leaves and suspended from a delicate band paved with brilliant cut white diamonds which follow a winding pattern. The ensemble is mounted in 18 karat white gold and has a total length of 42 centimeters.

     The good looker comes in a signature pouch of blue leather and will not make any lady happy for less than 25,000 Dollars.

Emerald and Diamond Pendent Necklace , 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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