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     Launched in the 1970’s after a long experience in the precious stones market, Michelle della Valle managed to quickly make a name for himself. His achievements led him to move the headquarters of his business to Geneva in the 1980’s. He provided jewellery for the rich and famous and continued to conquer the world and attract fans from the old continent and overseas alike, with a fresh and youthful style.

     Della Valle creates beautiful pieces who speak to young and old, alike, having a wide range of age groups as his fans. There are more classical approaches to be found in his lines, and those are usually exhibits that display an amazing amount of craftsmanship and professionalism.

     If you are a lover of sumptuous colored gems and you ever feel the yearning of a lavish piece of jewellery, here is one name you should bear in mind: Michelle della Valle. We take this opportunity, today, to let you in on one of the loveliest pairs of earrings we have come across. The Michele della Valle Emerald and Sapphire Ear Clips are a sight for sore eyes. The round and romantic curves of these gourmand looking pieces of sweet green have a special appeal to them.

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     The Michele della Valle Emerald and Sapphire Ear Clips speak of timeless beauty and bring their charm from days long gone, it seems. The 18 karat white gold used for the jewels has been treated as to blacken it, creating a special effect of aging and noblesse. Two huge emeralds are shaped as cabochons and placed at the core of the creations. The total weight of the emeralds is of approximately 169.55 carats. To complement them, four rounded leaves that hold the central emerald in place. The four semispheres are paved with round shaped sapphires.

     Michelle della Valle has issued a remarkable piece of luxury jewellery with the creation of the Michele della Valle Emerald and Sapphire Ear Clips. The clips can be worn in a variety of occasions, as they are both glamorous and extremely feminine. They go absolutely perfect with a boho chic style, as well as being marvelously appropriate for a cocktail or a very exquisite event.

     The estimated starting price for the Michele della Valle Emerald and Sapphire Ear Clips would be somewhere around 18,000 American dollars. But, since the jewels are so gorgeously designed, and display such large emeralds, it would have been easy to suspect that the starting price, as well of the maximum estimated, for that matter, would be fairly easily overbid. This pair of ear clips started their evaluation from 18,000 and had this as a first price; you can only imagine how many people yearned to have them since they managed to fly to over 71,000 American Dollars in just one session.

Emerald and Sapphire Ear Clips, 7.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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