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     When he started his business in the 1970’s Michelle della Valle could only hope that he would come to be a successful brand on the jewellery making market. The years were passing and Michelle della Valle started to become a large player in his big game league. In the 1980’s business was going so well that he afforded to move the headquarters of his company in Geneva.

     What makes Michelle della Valle such a sought after designer is his ability of satisfying both his young and more mature public. He excels in creating jewels that allow a certain amount of dreams being weaved around them. Among those remarkable jewels that have a connection to the past as strong as that to the future is the ‘Homage à Dürer’ brooch. A delightful symphony of tsavorite garnets, amethysts and diamonds, this piece of timeless jewellery makes any outfit a memorable one.

     The ‘Homage à Dürer’ brooch boasts nothing less than a mere 4.00 carats of round, brilliant cut diamonds, a considerable amount of amethysts, tsavorite garnets and just the right sprinkling of yellow diamonds. The precious gemstones stand for a delicate bunch of violets. The freshness of the design and the supreme craftsmanship that went into the creation of this piece make the ‘Homage à Dürer’ brooch a one of a kind apparition on the high jewellery market.


     The ‘Homage à Dürer’ brooch is no cheap thrill though. It promises to make a majestic entrance into your lives and inventories for a sum as memorable as its gorgeous looks and refined looks. While a jeweler might estimate this piece anywhere between 50,000 and 70,000 US Dollars you should be well aware of the fact that the brooch is worth more than 77,000 US Dollars. If you want to be sure to take it home you should easily have 80,000 USD in your wallet, pocket or account.

     The implications of wearing this brooch are much more significant than with other, more “common” pieces. Albrecht Durer, whose surname is mentioned in the ‘Homage à Dürer’ brooch was a Northern Renaissance painter, as well as a theorist, and is regarded to this day as one of the epoch’s most prominent and impressive figures. His watercolors have left a whole world in awe and have stirred much controversy and discussion. Therefore, this rich amount of legendary talent is what you should get in case you buy the ‘Homage à Dürer’ brooch. The reference to a poignant artistic figure of the 16th century and a feast on the eyes of the contemporary art lover.

Homage à Dürer Brooch , 5.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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