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     Michelle Della Valle is a bold apparition on the luxury jewellery market. He managed to cut his way to the top in a few years and has been keeping audiences interested in his designs ever since. Having started out in the 1970’s della Valle had a lot of world-famous brands as competitors. Nevertheless, he managed to outsell some of the names which were boasting a long tradition in the business by using his fresh and youthful approach to the craft of jewellery making.

     The spectacular Paraíba Tourmaline and pink sapphire ring we are acquainting you with today is no exception to the lot of sheer gorgeous pieces that della Valle has issued lately. The superb ring boasts a staggering 9.04 carats of gracefully garnished Paraiba tourmaline. The Paraiba tourmaline is one of the rarest gemstones from the luxury industry market, since it is extremely difficult to be found, sparse reserves having been already exploited to the maximum. This, alongside its incredible beauty, makes it one of the most sought after precious stones in the world. Paraiba tourmalines of large dimensions, like the central piece of the Paraíba Tourmaline and pink sapphire ring are extremely rare and their price rises in a direct proportion to the number of carats they possess.

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     The resistance piece is mix-cut, in a very modern attempt to recreate classical elegance and contemporary glam, and is accompanied by tens of round Paraiba tourmalines and pink sapphires. The gemstones are mounted in 18 karat white gold and make a breath taking ring. It is fair to say that the Paraíba Tourmaline and pink sapphire ring is one of those are pieces which are valuable not only because of the rarity of its prime materials (just as Paraiba tourmaline, pink sapphires are also very rare and appreciated on the high jewelry market), but for its simply mind-blowing stature and allure.

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     The Paraíba Tourmaline and pink sapphire ring was estimated, at a famous auction event that had taken place some time ago, at 55,000 to 65,000 USD. The final price registered at the end of the bidding was of no less than 128,000 US Dollars. It well may be that the connoisseurs that bided for this ring were determined to pay twice the estimated value because of the certified provenience of the Paraiba tourmaline (Brazil), or because it was also confirmed, through the certificate that accompanied the jewel that there were no clarity enhancements operated on the large, sky blue tourmaline.

Paraíba Tourmaline and Pink Sapphire Ring , 7.9 out of 10 based on 14 ratings

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