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     Michele della Valle spoils his female fans again, with a most amazing piece of timeless jewellery that seems to remind us of the delicate weaving of a fairy tale setting. Allow us to introduce the sumptuous Ruby and Diamond ‘Flower’ Necklace. A spectacular combination of rubies and diamonds, set on an 18 karat white gold delicate and carefully crafted web.

     The Michele della Valle story starts in the 1970’s, when after having collaborated with many Italian goldsmiths, among which the famous house of Bvlgari, Michele della Valle decided to start his own business. As a man who had been around the world in search of the most valuable and eye catching precious stones, della Valle was sure to achieve success in this line of the memorable jewellery making. And fame and fortune did not fail to appear. In as little time as a decade the brand moved its headquarters to Geneva, in the European capital of luxury and high horologerie as well as haute joaillerie.

     And a fine example of haute joaillerie the Ruby and Diamond ‘Flower’ Necklace is. Its delicate pave rubies and diamonds are bound together to evoke a most marvelous marriage of blossomed flowers and blooming tulips.

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The spectacular pieces of the Ruby and Diamond ‘Flower’ Necklace are surely its large, oval shaped rubies, shining their red splendor from the centre of the skillfully crafted petals and blooms. Round and oval rubies of dramatic sizes are set onto two layers of petals: larger, heart shaped ones, paved with rubies and smaller, oval shaped petals paved with round shaped, brilliant diamonds.

     The Ruby and Diamond ‘Flower’ Necklace boasts a large amount of leaves, stems, blossoms, stretching on a 38 centimeters long strain. The necklace is also adorned with a flower tassel that reminds of tulips, mounted with large rubies just like the other flowers that make up the Ruby and Diamond ‘Flower’ Necklace.

     The gorgeous jewel comes in a classy Michele della Valle signature case and is accompanied by a certificate attesting the quality and origin (Burmese) of the rubies, issued by the SSEF (Swiss Gemological Institute). The price of this feast on the soul and eye is well over 172,000 US Dollars, which is more than understandable, keeping in mind the fact that it displays such a lavish array of large rubies.

Ruby and Diamond Flower Necklace, 9.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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