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     Sapphire beads of the darkest and most mysterious blue come together with a delicate symphony of round, brilliant cut diamonds, organized in rhombuses that seem to gap into the five strains of beads. This Sapphire Bead and Diamond Sautoir, by Michele Della Valle is yet another good looker from the designer that has managed to steal the hearts of young and old from all over the world with his bold and classy collections.

     Even if he started out as early as his teenage years, Michele Della Valle has managed to make a name for himself fast and did not hesitate to collaborate with great names as Bulgari when given the chance. He was a part of the acquisition process, closely interested in buying precious rare stones from their mining sites and he developed a business in the industry, since he proved he was talented and business oriented. In spite of being a young name on the market, compared with the likes of Harry Winston, Boucheron or Chopard, Michele Della Valle has managed to gain the love of the public as well as its acclaim.

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     The Sapphire Bead and Diamond Sautoir is, like any other Michele Della Valle piece a great combination among beauty, class and versatility. Blue sapphire beads of graduate sizes organize on five strands and intertwine with rhombuses mounted with brilliant cut white diamonds. The diamonds are mounted in 18 karat white gold and the length of the Sapphire Bead and Diamond Sautoir is of 46 centimeters.

     Like all Michelle Della Valle luxury jewels, the sautoir comes in a leather pouch, and this time it is a beige one. The jewel is accompanied by a report by the Swiss Gemological Institute which states that the 1427 sapphires used in the making of the Sapphire Bead and Diamond Sautoir are of Burmese origin.

     Although the gorgeous piece of jewellery is estimated to range from 35,000 to 50,000 US Dollars its bidding price may well go over that limit, since it is not seldom that these maximum bidding prices are surpassed by bidders that are keen on having an exquisite piece of jewellery in their collection. The last selling price registered in the year 2007 at a most famous bidding in Geneva was somewhere near 46,000 US Dollars.

     A versatile and extremely feminine adornment, the Sapphire Bead and Diamond Sautoir was created for the contemporary woman who can still bring herself to appreciate femininity and delicacy, as attributes that enhance any female’s mystery and charm.

Sapphire Bead and Diamond Sautoir, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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