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     Sapphires are some of the most sought after and loved types of gemstones, due to their spectacular colors and their exceptional qualities. And while blue sapphires are the most representative for the whole class of sapphires, these gemstones are to be found in several other colors and are even the more precious, since a yellow sapphire is not an everyday encounter.

     The Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ear Clips, by Michele Della Valle are wonderful pieces of jewellery, very appropriate for an elegant outfit or even a red carpet appearance. The huge oval shaped sapphire thrones from the center of the exquisite creation, smiling in bright yellow and shining its way to the hearts of any connoisseur.

     Michelle Della Valle is one of the most trendy and present designers in the jewellery industry at this time. He has gained extreme popularity in The United States of America and seems to have New York spell bound with his fun and fresh collections. The elegant and rare jewellery he creates is to the liking of the free spirited and independent American customer.


     There is a lot to say about the Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ear Clips but, in spite of any positive or negative opinion one might share on their looks, the jewels manage to talk their way into the admirer’s soul and stay there, etched upon her brain, until those intense yellow sapphires become miniature symbols of the sun. Or until you decide to simply buy them, and find your way out of the obsession.

     The Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ear Clips are garnished with a rich sprinkling of brilliant cut diamonds, surrounding the large ovals of the yellow sapphires. The micro pave diamonds are sat in 18 karat white gold and they are mounted also on the clip back of the earrings.

     Just like any other Michele Della Valle creation, the Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ear Clips are sold in a classy beige leather pouch, signed by the designer and representative of the luxury status the product has. On the luxury status of the product there are several other mentions which can be made, but one of the most relevant and significant ones is the estimated price. You won’t be able to walk away with these beauties for less than 33,000 US Dollars, in the least.

Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ear Clips, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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