Perfection has a new name: Leviev Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. This piece is a one of a kind statement of social status, elegance, and sheer beauty. There are not many pieces quite like the Leviev Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. A mind blowing 52.29 carats diamond, as the centerpiece of the geometrical structure of the piece […]

      Chanel Ultra Cuff is a drop dead gorgeous member of Chanel’s latest collection, a launch which has been long awaited for and which has confirmed, once again that the Chanel spirit lives on and is still a force which chooses its own path. The Ultra collection features creative designs and unexpected materials, managing, nevertheless..

      A pair of absolute classics, the Leviev Extraordinary Diamond Earrings are here to impress. And it is a bloody good job that they are doing, too. The absolutely fabulous twin jewels seem to come as the final touch of Leviev’s “Extraordinary White Diamonds Collection”, of the High Jewellery section.

      The Graff Fancy Vivid Pink and Diamond Ring features a marvelous vivid pink diamond weighing 5.00 carats evaluated by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as being a type IIa pink diamond. The fancy rose wonder is set in 18 karats yellow gold and flanked by two shield shaped white diamonds that are correspondingly mounted in platinum.

      A spectacular member of the High Jewellery collection, the Graff Emerald and Diamond Necklace is meant to bring a spicy, vivid, air to the party outfit it would compliment. This amazing piece of jewellery is bond to stir jealousy, be it only for the unusual and unique hue of green its emeralds possess. The rich, […]

      The Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Ring holds within all of the Gucci turbulent history, being designed as a reminder of the 50’s huge icon moccasins, made of suede and metal horsebits. The 18 carats yellow gold piece is a gorgeous fashion statement, bringing together the undying Italian style and legacy of Italy’s most prominent representatives in the fashion industry.

      A feast to the eye and a wonder to the spirit, the High Jewellery member, Leviev Pink Diamond is here to speak of aristocratic elegance and bourgeois fantasies. The hand crafted fairy tale trigger features a cushion-shaped Fancy Intense Pink VS2 diamond weighing a consistent 6.08 carats. The central piece of the ensemble is mounted […]

      The Adler Diamond Ear Studs are proof of just how much women love diamonds.Although they are not the absolute top of the line where color and clarity are concerned, the Diamond Ear Studs released by Adler are without a doubt valuable jewels which win everyone’s heart just by being so simple and beautiful.

      The Coco Ring is a tiny embodiment of a wonderful and tumultuous tale. It manages to catch in its fiery shimmers and violet undertones the essence of a brilliant woman’s life philosophy. Its simple design and heart-warming colors are a proof that genius, devotion for one’s work, dedication to excellence shall never be overlooked.

    The Leviev Yellow Diamond Earrings confirm Leviev’s excellency with fancy diamonds. As a matter of fact the full name of the company is Leviev – Extraordinary Diamonds. There is more to it than just a self confident statement. Leviev owns the integral vertical production line for its jewels.