The Central Park is the most famous green spot in New York. Situated at the heart of a hugely populated and high class part of the metropolis, Manhattan, the Park has had a long history and is host for over twenty five million visitors each year. The recreational and cultural settings are finely intermingled on a generous surface of a square mile.

     Although it isn’t your usual and traditionally designed engagement ring, the Eternelle Grace solitaire can easily steal the heart of a lady, especially if you have made some previous progress in that area yourself. Boucheron has always been a bold jewelry house, they like taking risks and encourage a self confident and independent target client.

      Cartier, the luxury brand of nowadays, has not got into fame for a day or two. These dedicated jewelers and timepieces manufacturers have been around for over one and a half centuries. The business was set by Louis-François Cartier in 1847 when he took over the workshop of his master. Nevertheless, it was his three […]

      Boucheron presents its notorious Extravagant Bestiary, a line featuring some of the most amazing jewelry ever seen on the animal theme. The French house has been meddling with animal motifs for more than four decades now, and its innovations have been met with major enthusiasm from the very beginnings. This is why I have chosen […]

      Cartier has been around for over one and a half centuries. The story started in 1847, when Louis-François Cartier took over his master’s workshop. Later on, his grandsons Louis, Pierre and Jacques established the basis of the ever growing success that Cartier is nowadays.       Many Cartier pieces manage to combine classic beauty with just the […]

      Feast your eyes on these Dior Incroyables et Merveilleuses Fruit Earrings. They area part of the Dior Incroyables et Merveilleuses colletction, created under the lucrative and innovative reign of Victoire de Castellane. She has been appointed chief of the jewellery creative department since 1998, and has written colorful and stylish pages of Dior jewellery history […]

      The Sunset collection by the famous jewelry house of Winston reveals a magnificent, deep blue, rare sapphire: the Sunset Sapphire and Diamond ring. In the following lines we will be taking a look at one truly majestic piece, part of a impressive color and glitter pleiad which has received its suggestive name: Sunset.       We had […]

      Another absolutely stunning Dior collection, the Diorette, is host of some of the most extravagant and sought after pieces. The Diorette Yellow Gold and Citrine Ring is one of those great guys. This ring seems to be the perfect embodiment of a sunny spring day in heavens. It has a huge citrine gem at its […]

      These days I have come across one of the most mind-blowing yellow gold rings I have ever seen, the Dior Gwendoline Ring in Onyx. A mysterious and romantic marriage between two colors that prove to have worked out wonders together. All in the combination of 18 K yellow gold and two huge, breath-taking onyx roses. […]

      The Caresse d’orchidees par Cartier Necklace is part of the Caresse d’orchidees par Cartier collection. It is a tribute to the eternal feminine and mysterious seduction. A perfect embodiment of the collection’s spirit, the Caresse d’Orchidees Necklace brings forth a stunning combination of brilliant-cut diamonds and three large superb rubellites. The delicate orchid has five […]