The most dramatic Cartier jewelry creations remind of a rich variety of plants. There are 14 Caresse D’Orchidees par Cartier necklace models made out of pink gold with diamonds, pink sapphire and colored stones or a blend of white gold and exotic materials.

Cartier created jewelry for the wealthiest men and women in the world who wanted to adorn themselves and to impress others. While photographs fade and clothes decay, timeless jewels such as the Cartier Evasions Joaillieres bracelet are able to capture the zeitgeist and aspirations of an era.

If you want a piece of jewelry that can be worn at elegant events and has a very royal air, then the Asprey Fern Necklace might be something you enjoy; resembling the Laurel Wreath worn by Roman leaders, but inspired from nature’s freshness, this necklace will suit any type of woman of any age and convictions.

If you want to buy a diamond ring, or some other diamond jewelry confidently, knowing that you’re getting quality diamonds with carat, clarity and cut, De Beers is the brand you can go to; their pieces, like the De Beers Wildflowers Statement Ring are truly spectacular in design, craftsmanship and quality of the stone.

The Dear Dior Dentelle Medaillon Soleil Earrings are a special piece from the Dear Dior collection because they do not follow the same bright color themes, but rather find inspiration in the Sun’s rays; thus, the designer created them using 18 carat yellow gold, yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, green diamonds and sphenes.

This year’s Dior collections are something truly special, like the My Dior collection with pieces such as the My Dior Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet because they are inspired from the past, the atmosphere and the heritage of the Dior stores, from the architecture of the buildings, the materials and textures.

Jewelery is an item that has been around since the Prehistoric Ages, being a symbol of promise, beauty and well being. Among the oldest jewelery materials, amber is used since the Neolithic times. Today, women are still falling in love with this jewel and it is a known fact that an amber ring is always […]

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Some good ideas for accessorizing and styling your wedding nuptials When it comes to the big day, weddings seem to have a fashion agenda of their own. Which is usually uniformly awful. Stiff, white satin, uncomfortable ‘Cinderalla’ shoes, men in grayish waistcoats, bad bridesmaid dresses. However, if you make some considered decisions over your accessories […]

We take a peek at some of the best options for adding a little panache to your bikini or one-piece this spring/summer  As we happily skip into March, spring seems to have finally arrived, and with it, we come a step closer to the summer and a potential triumph or failure of British weather. One […]