The cartier classic solitaire 1895 ring is the materialization of beauty, sensuality and elegance. This Cartier classic features delicate lines, a brilliant-cut center diamond and smaller brilliant-cut diamonds radiating from the center.

    Cartier style reinvents itself over and over again as every piece of jewelry gathers perfection, excellence and outstanding qualities. One of the Princes of Wales named Cartier “jeweler of kings, king of jewelers”…

     Recently the brand presented another stylish urban line, and one of the most attractive accessories of the collection is the eye-catching Fendi Sterling Silver Military Necklace a superb urban model, bound to bring an edge to any fashionable outfit. The new Fendi Sterling Silver Military Necklace features a silver chain-link, measuring 15 inches.

     If you want to bring an edge to a rather unexpressive outfit, the Fendi Chain-Embellished Leather Necklace makes a very interesting choice, which merge a boldly designed leather strap and a thick chain, which inevitably makes one think of a dog collar. Manufactured from light brown leather, the necklace demonstrates a central yellow gold-tone, oversized chain embellishment.

     Recently, D&G released a superb new addition to its glamorous line of accessories, the sophisticated Dolce and Gabbana Crystal Ring with Flower Detail a stylish creation, which will surely accent any fashionable outfit, and which will bring a plus of femininity and luxury to the delicate hand of a woman.

     The centerpiece of the Colours of Asprey Deep Pink Diamond Ring is the fancy 1.88 carats deep purple diamond that is extremely evocative of the brand’s signature colour. This hue of the pink diamond is extremely rare and it is only fair to say that the purplish-pink diamond spotted at the core of the creation is not the only valuable asset of the Colours of Asprey Deep Pink Diamond Ring.

     The Passion Ring is, like many other Margherita Burgener creations, an eloquent example of style and artistic vision. Inspired by an ultra modernist approach to jewellery design, the Passion Ring brings forth the subtle idea of time travel and iterative history. Its spiral mold gives way to speculations on the nature of the human soul, speculations sustained by the center piece of the ring.

     The spectacular Paraíba Tourmaline and pink sapphire ring we are acquainting you with today is no exception to the lot of sheer gorgeous pieces that della Valle has issued lately. The superb ring boasts a staggering 9.04 carats of gracefully garnished Paraiba tourmaline. The gemstones are mounted in 18 karat white gold and make a breath taking ring.

     Majestic in shape, design, color scheme and most of all, value, the Emerald Cut Majestic Pendant is candy on the eye. The deep green of the truly majestic emerald constituting the pendant speaks of royalty and blue blood through its sheer beauty and utter simplicity. The emerald cut of the emerald is sure to compliment best the beauty upheld by a rough emerald, and unveil the hidden depth and shades of the truest green characterizing the gemstone.

     Seemingly cut from a fifties artistic motion picture, the Infinity Necklace brings about a feeling of femininity that has an eternal touch to it. Eternity and infinity are, on the other hand, the central themes of the design. A most modern and breath-taking piece of fine jewellery, the Infinity Necklace is a modular construction, a showcase of 14 aquamarine drops that weigh a staggering 598,11 carats.