What makes Michelle della Valle such a sought after designer is his ability of satisfying both his young and more mature public. He excels in creating jewels that allow a certain amount of dreams being weaved around them. Among those remarkable jewels that have a connection to the past as strong as that to the future is the ‘Homage à Dürer’ brooch.

     The Asprey Pink Diamond Ring is part of the High Jewellery section in the Asprey catalogue. A fine example of craftsmanship and professional mastery, this remarkable piece of jewellery is here to steal the hearts and eyes of the beholders. Equipped with a staggering 6.07 carat purplish diamond as the centerpiece, the Asprey Pink Diamond Ring promises to deliver glamour and in so doing engages another consistent stash of diamonds.

     A most ravishing look, the Ellisi Ring, one of the latest Margherita Burgener creations, strikes a pose for the High Jewellery catalogue of the finest taste. This oversized-mounted ring has a ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it. A stunning 43.83 carats of Burmese Peridot shine their green gorgeousness amidst the Ellisi Ring.

     The Michele della Valle Emerald and Sapphire Ear Clips speak of timeless beauty and bring their charm from days long gone, it seems. The 18 karat white gold used for the jewels has been treated as to blacken it, creating a special effect of aging and noblesse. Two huge emeralds are shaped as cabochons and placed at the core of the creations. The total weight of the emeralds is of approximately 169.55 carats.

     From Asprey’s current High Jewellery collection we introduce today the Asprey Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring, a representative piece of art in itself, and a precious fancy colored diamond ring that will spellbound any lady across the world.The Asprey Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring becomes therefore an evocative example of fine English taste and timeless classiness.

     Characteristic of Margherita Burgener’s clean and elegant style, the Fireworks Set displays a memorable impact on the eye. And it would be only natural to do so, since the set consists of a pair of aquamarine earrings and a very interesting necklace. The Fireworks Set is named after the inspiration that drove Emanuela Burgener in creating it.

     The Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace proves, from the very first glance, that the people from Michele della Valle have been anything but short on rubies when conceiving and assembling this piece. The necklace shows amazing craftsmanship and technical mastery. A close look at its weavings display a four strain starting point from which the richness of the ‘bib’ develops.

     A lucky and unusual combination of fancy colored diamonds and delicate pave diamonds, the Fancy Colored Diamond Cluster Earrings bring together that old school glamour and the necessary touch of creative energy specific to any contemporary design. Fourteen superb fancy colored diamonds are joined in a symphony of shapes, colors and hues to evoke a most fortunate precious cluster which could easily be taken for an asymmetrical flower.

     The Afrodite Set is yet another one of her breath-taking releases from the modern, gemstones line. The femininity of the pink combination among gold and kunzite, sprinkled with just a delicate touch of round, brilliant-cut diamonds brings forth a visionary designer as well as a most intrepid businesswoman, able to decide what it is that women all over the planet love and yearn for.

     Michele della Valle spoils his female fans again, with a most amazing piece of timeless jewellery that seems to remind us of the delicate weaving of a fairy tale setting. Allow us to introduce the sumptuous Ruby and Diamond ‘Flower’ Necklace. A spectacular combination of rubies and diamonds, set on an 18 karat white gold delicate and carefully crafted web.