The Mystery Set Sapphires and Diamonds Clip, by Van Cleef & Arpels are the perfect example of supreme jewelry craftsmanship and devotion to perfecting technical skills. The superb combination of diamonds and deep, intense blue sapphires is breath-taking. The 18 karats white gold setting goes with the shimmering diamonds that have been cut in round, brilliant shapes and baguettes.

       The fabulous Diorette collection reveals one springtime wonder that can be worn in all seasons, the Yellow Gold Diorette Ring. The brave and colorful piece features, in the all so known and loved style, insects and flowers as well as deep, sensual hued gemstones.

      The perfection radiating from such pieces as the Leviev Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring are guarantees of timeless value and style, at the same time. Such attention to detail, such patience and professionalism meeting with the fiery scintillations of nature’s most elaborate gift, the diamond, are rare epitomes of brilliance.

        The Marie Antoinette Necklace is yet another beautifully crafted piece of jewellery created by the diamntieers at De Beers. The Marie Antoinette Necklace triggers with it historical and stylistic hallmarks that are evident in the opulence and majesty of the design.

     The Dior Gourmande Libellule Ring is one of the delicious looking pieces designed by aristocratic Victoire de Castellane. The femininity and delicacy of the huge pink quartz that reigns as the central piece of the jewel is characteristic of de Castellane’s simply amazing designs. The 18 karat white gold setting offers a shiny and clean home to a fragile yet bold dragon fly that..

      Hand crafted, as all the Leviev jewellery, the Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace showcases the most valuable kind of white diamonds. The four characteristics evaluated by the authority entitled to certificate gemstones, the Gemological Institute of America are carats, clarity, cut and color. From these four C’s the only one relying on the expertise of humans is the cut.

      The refined Cartier Citrine and Turquoise Ear Clips are conceived as a symphony of lights, colors and geometrical shapes, all tuned to the same mermaid sang melody. The ear clips seem to have somehow encapsulated the light and warmth of the summer sun, and the delicate cabochon petals onto which the citrines are projected remind of still, summer skies.

      The Graff Fancy Pink Diamond Necklace is one of those items that steal your heart right away. You do not need any convincing. The humongous fancy pink diamond drop which stands for the pendant does all the ‘talking’ with its 70.39 carats. If the impressive weight and heavenly color are not enough, than one must be informed upon the clarity of this unique gemstone.

        The Egratigna Angelique Ring perfectly reveals de Castellane’s belief that jewellery should always be fun and worn for the sheer pleasure of wearing them, instead as being used as a social status indicator. There is no reason why jewellery should be boring, serious or official.

      Inspired by sun and blue skies or deep cool seas, the Gold, Aquamarine and Ruby Set by Cartier is a symbol of summer bliss. The combination of blue, yellow and red have a way of inspiring the admirer and draw her towards holiday thinking. And while the set is a perfect reminder of hot quiet days, it perfectly goes with any casual, boho-chic, or even office outfit. The super fun set is a collectible item.