Adler’s Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring is one of those ultimately beautiful pieces, which makes you think of the moon and puts you in a dreamy mood. It just may be that this list of other beautiful memories it triggers is the result of its deep, intense yellow central piece.

        Part of the High Jewellery collection, a true feast to the eye, the Lea Necklace brings forth a special kind of elegance and a stunning amount of flawless diamonds. The flowing, feminine lines of the jewel remind of aristocratic jewellery of the 18th century.

      The Fancy Intense Green Diamond Ring is one of the one of kind pieces which become famous over night due to their beauty and unique characteristics.The Fancy Intense Green Diamond Ring is conceived as a flower. Its delicate petals are made of Fancy Vivid Pink round brilliant cut diamonds.

      The splendid members of the Graff White Diamond Set are sure to make a fabulous impression on any woman and stir admiration amongst the female population of the planet, who was not as lucky as to come into the possession of such jewels.

      Cartier’s Toi & Moi Ring is created in a crossover style. The precious metal in which the gems are set is 18 karats yellow gold. The old cut, main diamond weighs 2.60 carats and is complemented on the opposite side by a baguette cut diamond of smaller dimensions. The cushion shaped Burma ruby weighs 3.02 carats and is also counter balanced by a similar ruby which flanks the large diamond..

        A jewel that brings about elegance and sheer gorgeousness, the De Beers Dragonfly Ring reminds everybody about the privileges of being a woman. The beauty of this ring shines through serenely, throwing our imagination in a fairy tale realm, where princes and princesses are not that far fetched figures.

      With a pink theme made by pink gold, pink brilliant cut diamonds and the emerald cut large diamond, the Adler Catch Me Ring is the epitome of femininity, refinement and subtle beauty. These traits are a guarantee of eternal style and grace.

      If you are looking for an engagement ring, or maybe just want to celebrate the special woman in your life with a significant prove of your love, search no further: the Graff Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Ring is what you have been looking for. 55.74 carats of fancy intense yellow diamond are glistening your […]

      The Adler Fiocco Brooch is a great example of how the brand’s jewellery know-how goes hand in hand with their exceptional sense of timeless fashion and audacious style. Adler takes pride in having managed to bring to the international scene their experience in cosmopolitan designs.

      The Gucci Icon Cufflinks are meant to make an impression without being tacky. Their finely finished look brings a sophisticated air to any outfit, no matter how simple and clean it is. An aristocratic combination between white gold and diamonds is the base for the Gucci Icon Cufflinks.