A spring sensation that can be worn in any season, the Amethysts and Yellow Gold Diorette Earrings are here to brighten your days and to fill up your nights with color and sparkle. The earrings are just another one of Victoire de Catellane’s creative wonders. A mixture of colors and fantastic stories, of miraculous forests that will shield you from the bleak realities.

        The Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring is a gift offered by the master jewellers at De Beers to their fans and to the lovers of exquisite jewellery. The novelty brought about by this ring makes it simply irresistible. The pear shaped, rose cut diamond that shields the pink ‘heart’ of the ensemble is a breath taking creative risk that totally paid off.

        The Gourmande Pastel Ring is a good example of how jewellery made by Dior can be not just gorgeous, but also creative and bold. The member of the Milly la Foret collection, the Gourmande Pastel Ring tells a story of light blue sparkling waters and dragon flies.

        Blended from two of the most illustrious gems known to men to this point, the Bvlgari Sapphire and Diamond Ring brings forth a kind of self confident beauty which is immediately visible in any Bvlgari design. A cushion shaped sapphire of no less than 5.63 carats rests as the central piece upon an 18 karat yellow gold setting.

      A brand new extraordinaire interpretation for a remarkable fancy deep blue diamond, the Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring launched by Graff is sure to catch your eye and make your fingers yearn to feel its embrace. And a one of a kind feeling it should be, to have this beauty on your finger.

     A brand new royal piece, signed Van Cleef and Arpels, the Ruby and Diamond Ring is one of those classical beauties that manage to show status and provide security without falling into the sins of poor taste. The Van Cleef & Arpels Ruby and Diamond Ring has a magnificent 5.39 carats Burmese ruby on display as its center piece.

      The Adler Purple Rose Ring came to life as a result of the work invested in its design and completion by the people at Adler. The company’s devotion towards creating breath-taking pieces of jewellery characterized by being beautiful and memorable is nothing new to the devoted public.

      The Leviev White Diamond Scarf Necklace is proof of Leviev’s lavish diamonds reserve. The High Jewellery piece is made from an impressive number of round, brilliant cut and oval cut white diamonds. The exact number is eight hundred seventeen. The color grading of these diamonds is also impressive.

   The Graff Heartshaped Diamond Necklace is a toke of the love engaged in the act of creation, as well as it could be a valuable proof of love, from the part of a interested pursuer, to his adored lady. The scintillation of the several dozens heart shaped diamonds tell a wondrous tale. The tale of a striving young man, determined to make a statement in the industry.

      Presently Cartier is the number one seller of luxury goods (jewellery) in the world. As we have seen, their devotion to beauty and professionalism in this field is no novelty. The Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Bar Brooch is the best proof we could give to support the story. Beside the silky shimmer of the oval pearl ..