The Leviev White Diamond Scarf Necklace is proof of Leviev’s lavish diamonds reserve. The High Jewellery piece is made from an impressive number of round, brilliant cut and oval cut white diamonds. The exact number is eight hundred seventeen. The color grading of these diamonds is also impressive.

   The Graff Heartshaped Diamond Necklace is a toke of the love engaged in the act of creation, as well as it could be a valuable proof of love, from the part of a interested pursuer, to his adored lady. The scintillation of the several dozens heart shaped diamonds tell a wondrous tale. The tale of a striving young man, determined to make a statement in the industry.

      Presently Cartier is the number one seller of luxury goods (jewellery) in the world. As we have seen, their devotion to beauty and professionalism in this field is no novelty. The Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Bar Brooch is the best proof we could give to support the story. Beside the silky shimmer of the oval pearl ..

     These remarkable Van Cleef & Arpels Sapphire and Ruby Earrings are a sight for sore eyes. They gather together the most expensive and loved precious stones of the moment in a ravishing design and combination of colors. The deep and velvety feel given away by the fancy sapphires and rubies make us dream of fairy tale kings and their crown jewels.

        The Sapphire Flower Stud Earrings are among Bvlgari’s luxury colorful products. The fancy sapphires and diamonds which make up the petals of the lavish jewels inscribe in Bvlgari’s custom style. The ear studs bring a drop of color to any outfit and are suitable for both day and night occasions, regardless of the formal or informal situations they may become a part of.

     The Retro Aquamarine, Ruby and Gold Bracelet by Van Cleef and Arpels brings together the edged shapes of the rectangular cut aquamarine with the mellow roundness of the tubogas band and the round refinement of the rubies and diamonds. This combination of antithetic principles, together with..

      Leviev is history in the making, and has been writing history for some time now, through the controversial actions of its founder. Lev Leviev is the president of the former Soviet Union Federation of Jewish Communities, which he has been leading since 1998. Leviev – Extraordinary Diamonds is currently the number one diamonds producer on […]

    If it were to be only by its sole release, Leviev’s Pink Majesty Necklace would have placed the brand among the most exclusive and opulent diamond oriented houses. The ravishing beauty of this ensemble is completed by a an approximately six carats pink diamonds back casing, everything set onto platinum and 18 karat pink gold…

      A pink round pearl necklace set with a white marquise, pearshape and round brilliant diamond drop, the Graff Pink Pearl Necklace also has a pink briolette diamond centre. This magnificent candy fantasy is meant to speak even to the most refined and elegant women. Its timeless beauty and design are sure to pass any cultural barriers or taste differences.

      Designing animal motif brooches, like that which envisaged a panther and which worn by Wallis Simpson brought them global acclaim and recognition, is something Cartier is famous for. Therefore, the Cartier Turquoise Turtle Brooch comes from a long line of famous and much sought after ancestors.