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There were some stunning looks on the catwalk at February’s London Fashion Week, with tribal print dresses and block-coloured tops dominating the lists. But it was the accessories that really stole the day. In line with the tribal, oceanic and feminine trends, they were bright, bold and colourfully creative. Here’s how to make the catwalk fashions work for your own wardrobe.

Go neon: Not everybody can carry off a neon dress, but a pair of hot-coloured dangly earrings or a bright handbag are different matters. Wear neon accessories with muted colours to carry off this look in style.

Flirt with feathers: Dangly feathers are a great way to work the feminine trend that was seen repeatedly on the catwalk this February. If you’re feeling really brave, a pair of neon feather earrings or a tribal-style feather necklace will kill two trends with one stone.

Laid back layers: If you can layer clothes, then why not jewellery? Try stacking bangles, necklaces and rings, but avoid the 80s overkill look.

Get fruity: Fruit motifs have been turning up everywhere from underwear to jewellery. D&Gs collection boasted a succession of fruit-patterned playsuits dressed up with food-themed jewellery – from pepper charms to tomato earrings. You’ll find a plethora of copycat necklaces, earrings and hair accessories on the high street.

Hot hairstyles: This season’s whacky hairstyles make a serious style statement. No doubt inspired by pop stars such as Lady GaGa and Katie Perry, pastel shades were big on the catwalk. If you’re not brave enough to go with a bright colour, try a light blonde laid over with a pink wash. It’s a nod to the latest trends which is nevertheless easy to wash out when the fashion changes.

Bold shoes: Bold colours were everywhere on the catwalk for spring and summer – not just on clothes but on jewellery and shoes as well. Block colours in shades such as bright green and lemon yellow look great on shoes, and work on everything from wedges to ballerina pumps. If you’re feeling particular brave you could even opt for animals prints. Next.co.uk does some great leopard skin-stye ballerina pumps, and there’s even a pair of zebra ballerina pumps (pictured) for those looking to work the black-and-white look. Check out Harpers Bazaar for the catwalk take on animal prints.


Accessory trends for 2012, 6.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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