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Looking nice and neat is definitely something any woman wants. If you are passionate about fashion, then you probably know that being stylish does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money on garments. Actually, looking fine means having a sense of fashion and being able to create beautiful combinations with the clothes you already have. If your wardrobe includes some basic pieces, such as a little black dress, a white shirt, a classic blazer, blue jeans and stiletto shoes, you will be just fine. However, in case you want to add some edge to your attires, you may want to insert a bit of innovative items in your wardrobe. For an impressive result, you need to be daring and keep up with the tendencies. In order to do this, read on to find out our suggestions related to the main pieces any fashionista should own:

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An edgy night attire

Of course the little black dress in the perfect choice for absolutely any occasion, but if you want to get all the attention, you can always feel free to improvise. Lately, the classic night gown has slowly started to be replaced with other alternatives. This means that you can still create an extremely elegant look wearing a jumpsuit, or a two pieces combination. A solid color crop top paired with some majestic palazzo pants are an amazing match that will make everybody envy your courage. If you are not that daring, you can pair the top with a midi voluminous skirt – very fancy and classy. These pieces are very popular at the moment, so you can just look for some Alice McCall sale, to purchase yourself the best garments in exchange for affordable prices.

Checkered shirts

Owning at least one shirt is one of the main rules of fashion. These basic pieces can help you create the most incredible outfits, both masculine and feminine, both elegant and casual. The item is so versatile no matter in what pattern or color it comes, but in the past seasons there is one particular product that has become the star of street style: the checkered shirt. Plaid is considered to be a neutral pattern, so as long as you match the colors, you can combine it with absolutely any other piece of clothing. Since it provides you with endless possibilities, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this popular tendency.

Leopard print scarf

You may not be a huge fan of this print, but given its popularity, you have to admit it is worth giving it a try. While you may not feel confident enough to wear a dress with that print, a scarf can do no wrong. It will add an edgy touch to a relaxed outfit, or a sexy element to a casual one. When wearing a basic t-shirt and jeans, this accessory can totally make you look sophisticated and fashionable, while maintaining the effortless effect.

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