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Have you ever thought of creating your own jewellery? If the answer is “Yes” and you have we have approximately a spare half an hour a day, good news for you! Using some basic items, you can create your jewellery, and it will fit you perfectly, because they are going to be unique and personalised. Colour Ribbons, pearl beads leather pieces are some of the supplies you could use, but the possibilities are unlimited.  Moreover, if you consider giving you creations as a gift to someone special to you, there are some ways to use ribbons to personalize your wrapping techniques.

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1. Crafting jewellery with ribbons

If you are considering wearing a new necklace, you could create a ribbon and pearl beads as supplies and reading the following, you will find out how. Using a long piece of ribbon and eight to ten pearl beads, begin by placing a pearl bead halfway. Tie knots on both sides of it. Place another bead at a desired distance and knot on the both sides of it again. Repeat the process until you are pleased with the result. Tie the necklace at the back of your neck and cut excess ribbon. Voila! You have a new necklace in less than 10 minutes. Here is the bonus: you could use the same technique to create a bracelet to match with it. Alternatively, you could use the same supplies this way. Measure and cut three equal pieces of ribbon. Tie them in a knot at one end. You will use a braiding technique for the first two inches and then you will start adding pearl beads alternatively on the way. Continue until the bracelet is long enough to be placed on your wrist. Secure the beads by tying a knot at the end of them, and then continue with the plain braid for another two inches. Then tie the end around your wrists, and there you have another piece of jewellery you created.

2. Update your wrapping techniques, using ribbons

Instead of having your presents wrapped at the gift shop, we are proposing some ideas you could use to master this. If you have a plain cardboard box and few pieces of ribbons at your desire, you are already there. After placing your gift in the box, you are going to secure it by tying a bow with your ribbon as it follows: slip the ribbon on top of the box following its length. You could centre it or place it a bit off the centre, it is your decision. Fold and twist at the bottom of it and do the same on the width. Tie a big bow, and you have a minimalist wrapping idea for your present. If you want to upgrade, before tying the ribbon, you could wrap the box in a cute wrapping paper. If you want to go overboard with the ribbon, using a really long wide piece, you could wrap the box entirely in it. You are free to be creative.

There is no big cost in creating your own accessories and we have just proven that. Good luck!

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