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We take a peek at some of the best options for adding a little panache to your bikini or one-piece this spring/summer 

As we happily skip into March, spring seems to have finally arrived, and with it, we come a step closer to the summer and a potential triumph or failure of British weather.

One thing is for certain – the temperatures will be unpredictable: last year, April and October had two of our hottest days, whilst the summer was practically a wash-out apart from the end of June.

Our advice: get set on swimwear now – you could need it next week, even if you’re not going on holiday! This season the very stringy numbers of yesteryear have been rivaled by more supportive looks – padded bikinis and triangle bikinis with hidden extra coverage are popping up all over the high street in stores such as Next. Excellent for any active souls out there. In order to polish your swimwear look, you should start working on your problem body areas in order to tone them up. If you are dealing with annoying skin problems such as stretch marks or cellulite, visit some skin care physicians in order to get some cosmetic treatments. Nowadays, there are a lot of treatments which can considerably improve your skin’s appearance in just a few quick sessions. Once your body is in shape and your skin is glowing, you can start working on how to accessorize your swimwear look.


And when it comes to accessorizing, ‘active’ is the name of the game. With this being the Olympic host year for London and the UK, sporty touches are around all over the place. If you want a bit of early 1990s R’n’B cool, pair a one-piece swimsuit with high top trainers and gold chains – the longer and bigger the better.

For those of us who would rather blend in than stand out of the crowd, hats and scarves are an excellent way to go. The seventies trend which obsessed designers last year can still be worked in 2012 – think Diane Keaton, wide-brimmed straw sunhats and a little floral or patterned neck scarf. Both of these will look great with a simple bikini or one-piece.

If you’ve gone for some of the season’s futuristic cut-out one pieces, don’t overdo the accessories – you want your mesmerizing suit to be the main attraction. The latest fashion weeks have informed us that bright yellows and oranges are the summer’s two big shades, so make sure any accessories are in a gentler, more neutral tone – tan, straw, grey, beige. Espadrilles and a summer trilby would work for me! Once you decide on your perfect swimwear look, remember to include a quality sun screen in your beach purse. Skin care physicians from around the world advise us to use lotions which contain at least 30 SPF. Due to the greenhouse gases, the sun rays are less filtered than they used to be which makes them a lot more damaging. So if you want your perfect summer look to last more than a day, remember to care for your skin as much as possible.

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