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Jewelery is an item that has been around since the Prehistoric Ages, being a symbol of promise, beauty and well being. Among the oldest jewelery materials, amber is used since the Neolithic times. Today, women are still falling in love with this jewel and it is a known fact that an amber ring is always a pleasant gift.

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Taken by mistake for rock, amber is not even a stone. If you look closely, you can see that inside some amber rings there are small insects, spiders. The explanation for this fact  regards the nature of the material itself. Amber is actually fossilized sap. That is why, unlike other rocks, collecting amber is not so difficult, because it found above the ground. In some cases, certain insects were incorporated in the sap, so the process was applied to them as well. Even though you don’t necessarily like bugs, but own such a piece, then you should know that they are worth a lot of money. The prices on amber jewelery keep increasing and there is nothing better in this industry than an unique object. If you are looking for natural jewelery, that definitely take into account amber.

These jeweleries come in different shades and colors. From green to dark orange or even a shade of red, amber rings, necklaces, bracelets can be suitable for any occasion. It is a lovely piece that can be worn in the summer time as well as in fall or winter. It has no age, anyone can make a good impression wearing them. Because amber is one of the softest materials out there, some think that this is a disadvantage. Still, when doing activities that might endanger the appearance of the gems, the wearer could easily take them off, instead of transforming the material, making it more resistant.

An interesting fact is that even in alternative medicine, amber is used. It seems that it has several important benefits. The nervous system is among the parts of the body that are positively influenced by amber jewelery. Wearing  amber rings, for example, could help you with your joints, as necklaces or pendants could clean your throat, kidney, bladder and lungs. Also, some people use it for stress issues.

There are many scams in the jewelery industry, so it is best to know a few tricks to keep yourself save from such profiteers. If you want to verify the authenticity of your gem, take one of your  amber rings for instance, and put the ‘rock’ in salty water. If it flows, then it is real.

Another thing you could is to buy real amber jewelery from authorized producers. The amber used in making the jeweleries is  brought from the Baltic Sea area. There are various designs you could find by accessing this online store, so you will definitely find at least one item to fit your taste.

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