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There is no perfect way of wearing a certain clothing article, so if you decide to purchase a short skirt you do not have to accessorise it in the same way your friends do. Every woman should have her personal style and mix items according to it. Also, you should know that your body type might not allow you to wear a certain article as top models do, when they are on the runaway, so you should try different styles and see which one of the is suitable for you. Here are some ways you can mix different accessories and clothing articles with mini skirts. Get inspired!

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Mini skirt and buttoned shirt

When it comes to buttoned shirts which are suitable to be worn with mini skirts, you have infinite models from which to choose, you only have to take your time, see what skirts you have in your wardrobe and buy matching tops. And what is more amazing, is that you can even choose one which is not matching with the skirt, and go for a non conformist look. In case you want to keep it simple, you should know that a black, white or denim shirt are perfect for being matched with any type of mini skirt.

Structured handbags

If you want to look amazing all day long you should focus on investing in some accessories which would complement your look. The same is also when you are wearing a mini skirt, because no matter how you accessorise it on the top, you would definitely need to wear a bag. The best option would be to buy a structured handbag, because not only that looks great together with mini dresses and skirts, but it is also of great use when you work in a busy town. It is advisable to choose a hard-shell bag for the daytime, rectangular clutch for the evening outfits or a structured handbag when going to the work.

Mix styles

Just because the mini skirt is a feminine clothing article, it does not mean that you cannot add it some masculine accents. Tough up the skirt with a leather jacket, which would add it a rock & roll edge. This season is all about tomboy trends, and you can pair a feminine skirt with a sweatshirt and Oxford shoes. If you choose to accessorise it with a silk or cotton jacket, you will give it a softer approach. If you are one of the fans of the boho style, you can mix and match different clothing articles which feature flower prints, or similar accents.

Go for a bold clothing item

The bold item could be the skirt, the shirt or the bag. You have endless possibilities, because nowadays are available on the market, mini skirts made from different types of fabrics and designed in different patterns and colours. You can mix one of them with a simple top, or you can choose a simple leather skirt, and pair it with a floral shirt, or with a T-shirt which features a funny message


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